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From the newsroom: We resolve to keep improving

The Arizona Daily Wildcat undergoes changes every semester, including new staff and editors, new policies and new goals.

Last semester, we were working on our social media presence. Like any professional newspaper, we needed to modify how we produce the news since paper circulation is on the decline and digital news is on the rise.

This semester, new digital media editor Casey Lewandrowski has many ideas on how to make the Daily Wildcat more accessible and connect with its digital audience. We reworked our website and encouraged our reporters to use Twitter and Facebook more. Casey is also exploring ways to expand our social media presence to sites like Instagram and Tumblr. This endeavor isn’t just about building the Wildcat’s social media presence or its brand — it’s about establishing and maintaining connections to our audience.

Last semester, the editors decided to stop producing a regular Arts and Life section and created what is now known as Wildcat Weekend. The content within Wildcat Weekend was mainly arts and sports, but it was a section that often came under criticism. We took our comments and yours, and we met each week to make adjustments and work out the kinks. But we still have a long way to go.

For example, we noticed that much of the entertainment suggested in Wildcat Weekend required access to Fourth Avenue or downtown. We often would write about bars or places that target a 21 and older audience, and we weren’t representing a whole other fraction of Arts and Life readers. Plenty of our readers aren’t 21, or aren’t interested in the bar scene all the time, and they were often neglected. We hope to change that. Arts and Life editor K.C. Libman has returned to the position for a second semester, and has said he hopes to refocus content on what’s happening on the UA campus — not just near it. In addition, we’ve expanded the arts section to the daily paper as opposed to just Mondays and Fridays for more complete coverage.

As the new readers’ representative, I want to ensure the Wildcat continues to be transparent and that I keep readers informed of our plans. Our staff of about 75 caters to 40,000 students plus staff and faculty. We know that interacting with a number this large is difficult, but through social media and our dedication to thorough and representative coverage of the UA, we hope to continue making the Wildcat a publication worth reading.

As a student publication, we often work by trial and error. We value constructive criticism and want to hear your suggestions. We seek to produce a professional and informative paper, and that means looking to improve every day.

— Lynley Price is the assistant copy chief and readers’ representative for the Daily Wildcat. She can be reached at media@wildcat.arizona.edu or on Twitter via @LynleyPrice

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Get inspired and get your Spring Break body on with this gym-ready playlist from arts writer K.C. Libman.

Meek Mill and Big Sean, “Burn”

If the bomb-warning sirens and Meek’s incendiary flow don’t get your heart pumping, you’re probably already dead inside. This G.O.O.D. Music and MMG collaboration, featuring two of the biggest rappers from the past few years, is the perfect way to start your workout. Meek and Big Sean jump straight into their verses, giving you little time to wonder “Why have I never listened to this before?” and more incentive to get working.

M83, “Steve McQueen”

Yes, M83 is French, and no, most of us can’t understand the songs, but the grandiose arrangements are perfect for cardio. “Steve McQueen” has a plodding beat and big builds written in a major key, which all add up to a great pick-me-up mid-workout.

Suicide Silence, “O.C.D.”

Maybe metal isn’t your thing and you’ve always found it too heavy for your tastes or you prefer to understand the lyrics. But when was the last time you found yourself singing along to a song while working out? This cut from Suicide Silence’s The Black Crown may go through tempo changes but is unrelenting nonetheless, and the late Mitch Lucker’s larynx-shredding vocals will push you into overdrive.

The Temper Trap, “Fader”

While you may know Australian alternative giant, The Temper Trap, from its once-omnipresent hit “Sweet Disposition,” 2009’s Conditions had the up-tempo gem “Fader” on it as well. While it’s just as saccharine as “Sweet Disposition,” “Fader” benefits from fuzzy guitars and a poppy organ melody played over no-frills drumming for an equally no-nonsense workout track.

Bruno Mars, “Locked Out Of Heaven”

This song is a blatant rip-off of The Police, but it’s infectious and it’s everywhere at the moment. Though pint-size Mars delivers candy-coated, R&B-ish crooning, “Locked Out Of Heaven” is a solid tune, from its driving groove to the emphatic “ooh’s” sprinkled throughout. It’s hard to hear this song and not think of Mars’ Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show performance, so let that run through your head as your workout motivation — guys and girls alike.

Survivor, “Eye Of The Tiger”

We’re kidding — you aren’t Rocky Balboa.

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