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Get your detox on with these smoothie recipes

Alyssa Demember 

From that fruitcake your grandma kept forcing you to eat after the third piece to corn syrup ridden pecan pie or that five layer lasagna with extra cheese, the holiday season is full of unhealthy food.

Now that the season has ended, it’s time to get serious about what is going into your body again, starting with a detox.

The good thing about a detox is that it cleanses your body of all the toxins and build up lining your stomach, intestines, and colon. Doing a detox can regulate digestion, increase energy, improve skin complexion, reduce stress and improve concentration.

The intensity of desired detoxification will determine its duration, but a cycle typically runs between seven and 10 days.

Steer clear of alcohol, processed foods and refined sugars, including pastries, ice cream, pies and cakes. All dairy and meat should be avoided as well, as these foods can be more difficult to digest and often have hidden sodium, sugars and added hormones that should be avoided.

If dairy is a must, opt for plain Greek yogurt. The active live cultures will help regulate digestion. For protein or carbohydrates, try eggs (egg whites are even better) or quinoa (a type of grain).

In short, a vegan diet of nutrient rich fruits and vegetables is the best choice in cleaning out all of that junk.

A liquefied diet is even better as you will have an even easier time processing everything. Here are a few detox smoothies that your body will definitely appreciate:

Sour Green smoothie
1 Green apple
1 heaping handful of fresh spinach
1 kiwi
Lemon juice and water

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